Michael Drayton


Odes  (1619)  


I PRAY thee leaue, loue me no more,
    Call home the Heart you gaue me,
I but in vaine that Saint adore,
    That can, but will not saue me :
These poore halfe Kisses kill me quite ;
Was euer man thus serued?
Amidst an Ocean of Delight,
    For Pleasure to be sterued?

Shew me no more those Snowie Brests,
    With Azure Riuerets branched,
Where, whilst mine Eye with Plentie feasts,
    Yet is my Thirst not stanched.
O TANTALUS, thy Paines n'er tell,
    By me thou art preuented ;
'Tis nothing to be plagu'd in Hell,
    But thus in Heauen tormented.

Clip me no more in those deare Armes,
    Nor thy Life's Comfort call me ;
O, these are but too pow'rfull Charmes,
    And doe but more inthrall me.
But see, how patient I am growne,
    In all this coyle about thee ;
Come nice thing, let my Heart alone,
    I cannot liue without thee.  


Drayton, Michael. The Minor Poems of Michael Drayton.
Cyril Brett, Ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1907.  78-79.

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