Description of a Gun
by Sir Thomas Wyatt

Vulcan begat me: Minerva me taught:
Nature, my mother: Craft nourish'd me year by year:
Three bodies are my food: my strength is in naught:
Anger, wrath, waste, and noise are my children dear.
Guess, friend, what I am: and how I am wraught:
Monster of sea, or of land, or of elsewhere.
Know me, and use me: and I may thee defend:
And if I be thine enemy, I may thy life end.

Mantegna: Parnassus (detail)
Andrea Mantegna. Parnassus. 1497.
[Detail of Vulcan's Forge]. Louvre.

Edited and glossed from
Tottel's Songes and Sonettes, 1557
by Anniina Jokinen.

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