The Works of Joseph Addison

Miscellanies in Verse and Prose
To Mr. Dryden (1693)
A Translation of Virgil's Fourth Georgick (1694)
A Song for St. Cecilia's Day at Oxford (1694)
An Account of the Greatest English Poets (1694)
The Story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus, from Ovid's Metamorphoses (1694)
Prologue to Steele's The Tender Husband (1705)
Epilogue to Granville's The British enchanters: or no magic like love (1706)
Prologue to Smith's Phædra and Hippolitus (1709)
Epilogue to Philips' The Distressed Mother (1712) [doubtful attr.]
To Sir Godfrey Kneller, on his Picture of the King (1716)
Divine Ode
The Countess of Manchester, at Paris

Horace. Ode III, Book III in The Muses Mercury (Feb. 1707)
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A Poem To His Majesty, Presented to the Lord Keeper  (1695)

Complete - Google Books

An Essay on Virgil's Georgics  (1697)
[in The Works of Virgil, tr. by Dryden]
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Latin poems, in Musarum anglicanarum analecta (1699)
[aka Poemata]
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A Letter from Italy, 1703  (pub. 1704)
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Contributions to Dryden's Poetical Miscellanies: The Fifth Part.  (1704)

Milton's Stile imitated (1704)

[translated from Book II of Ovid's Metamorphoses]
The Story of Phaeton - Google Books
Europa's Rape - Google Books

[translated from Book III of Ovid's Metamorphoses]
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The Campaign, A Poem, To His Grace the Duke of Marlborough  (1705)
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Remarks on Several Parts of Italy, &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703  (1705)
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Dramatic Works

Rosamond: An Opera  (1707)
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Cato: A Tragedy (1713)
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[ To her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales ]

The Drummer, or the Haunted House: A Comedy  (1716)

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Contributions to The Tatler  (1709-11)
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The Whig-Examiner  (1710)
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Contributions to The Spectator  (1711-1714)
[nos. 1-555 (1711-1712); nos. 556-635 (1714)]
List of the Contributors - Google Books
Vol I. 1-80.
Vol II. 81-169.
Vol III. 170-251.
Vol IV. 252-321.
Vol V. 322-394.
Vol VI. 395-473.
Vol VII. 474-555.
Vol VIII. 556-635.

Contributions to The Guardian  (1713)
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Contributions to The Lover, by Marmaduke Myrtle, Gent.  (1714)
[Nos. 10 & 39]
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The Free-Holder, or Political Essays  (1715-16)
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Epilogue spoken at the Censorium on the King's birthday  (1716)
[in Town-Talk no. 4 (6 Jan. 1716)]
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The Old Whig (1719)
[2 nos. (19 March; 2 April 1719)]
No. I - GB
No. II - GB

Other Prose Works

The Present State of the War and the Necessity of an Augmention Considered  (1708)
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The Late Trial and Conviction of Count Tariff  (1713)
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Dialogues upon the Usefulness of Ancient Medals  (1721)
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The Evidences of the Christian Religion  (1721)
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Works of Doubtful Attribution

A Discourse on Ancient and Modern Learning  (1739)
Complete (1739 Sixth Ed.)
- Google Books

The Latin Prose and Poetry of Joseph Addison - Dana F. Sutton

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