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Sketch of a lost Portrait of Aphra Behn by George Scharf, 1873

Works of Aphra Behn


*Song to a Scotish tune.   [When Jemmy first began to love]
*A Paraphrase on Oenone to Paris.
*On A Juniper Tree, Cut Down to Make Busks.   [Whilst happy I triumphant stood]
*A Ballad on Mr J. H. to Amoret, Asking Why I Was So Sad.
*Love Arm'd.   [Love in Fantastique Triumph Satt]
*The Caution.   [My Damon, if your heart be kind]
*Song. The Complaint.   [Amyntas that true hearted Swaine]
*Song. The Invitation.   [Damon I cannot blame your will]
*To Mrs W. On Her Excellent Verses  [Enough kind Heaven! To purpose I have lived]
*Song to Ceres.   [Ceres, Great Goddess of the bounteous Year]
*Song in the same Play, by the Wavering Nymph.   [Pan grant that I may never prove]
*The Disappointment   [One day the amorous Lysander]
*On Her Loving Two Equally.   [How strongly does my Passion flow]
*The Dream. A Song.   [The grove was gloomy all around]
*A Letter to a Brother of the Pen in Tribulation.   [Poor Damon! Art thou caught?]
*The Counsel. A Song.   [A Pox upon this needless Scorn]
*Song. The Surprize.   [Phillis whose Heart was Unconfin'd]
*In Imitation of Horace.   [What mean those Amorous Curles of Jet]
*To Lysander, who made some Verses.   [In vain, dear Youth, you say you love]
*To Lysander, on some Verses he writ.  [Take back that Heart, you with such Caution give]
*To Lysander at the Music-Meeting.   [It was too much, ye Gods, to see and hear]
*Love Reveng'd, A Song.   [Celinda who did Love disdain]
*The Cabal at Nickey Nackeys.   [A Pox of the Statesman that's witty]
*On the Death of the late Earl of Rochester   [Mourn, Mourn, ye Muses]
*A Letter to Mr. Creech at Oxford.   [Daphnis, because I am your debtor]
*Epitaph on the Tombstone of a Child.   [This Little, Silent, Gloomy Monument]
*To Alexis in Answer to his Poem Against Fruition.   [Ah hapless sex!]
*On Desire. A Pindarick.   [What Art thou, oh! thou new-found pain?]
*To the fair Clarinda, who made Love to me   [Fair lovely Maid, or if that Title be]
*On the Death of E. Waller, Esq.   [How, to thy Sacred Memory, shall I bring]
*A Congratulatory Poem to Her Sacred Majesty Queen Mary   [While my sad Muse]
*The Complaint of the Poor Cavaliers.   [Give me the man that's hollow]
*Song.   ['Tis not your saying that you love]
*[Oh! how the hand the lover ought to prize]
*[O Love! that stronger art than wine]
*[A thousand martyrs I have made]


    The Court of the King of Bantam (c.1683-4, pub. 1696)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Adventure of the Black Lady (c.1683-4, pub. 1697)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *Complete - Emory
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    Love-Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister.
    Three Parts. (1684, 1685, 1687)

    *Complete - Editions Marteau

    The Lover's Watch: or, the Art of Making Love (1686)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *[The Caution]

    The Case for the Watch (1686)
    *Complete - Google Books

    The Unfortunate Bride; or, the Blind Lady a Beauty (1687)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Dumb Virgin; or, the Force of Imagination (1687)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Wandering Beauty (1687)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    Oroonoko; or, the Royal Slave (1688)
    *Complete - Renascence Editions
    *Complete - UAdelaide
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The History of Agnes de Castro (1688)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Fair Jilt (1688)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Lucky Mistake (1688)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The History of the Nun: or, the Fair Vow-Breaker (1689)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Unfortunate Happy Lady (1696)
    *Complete - The Republic of Pemberley
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg
    *Complete -

    The Nun; or, the Perjur'd Beauty (1697)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    The Lady's Looking-Glass (1697)
    *Complete - Google Books
    *Complete - Emory WWRP
    *[Oh! how the hand the lover ought to prize]

    The Unhappy Mistake; or, the Impious Vow Punished (1697)
    *Complete - Project Gutenberg

    An Essay on Translated Prose (1700)
    *Complete - Emory WWRP

Dramatic Works



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