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Timeline - Univ. of Leiden
Biography - Robert Latham
Biography - Latham and Matthews
Biography - Latham and Wilcox
Biography -
Biography - Open Door Website
Particulars of the life of Samuel Pepys - Henry B. Wheatley, 1893

Portrait of Pepys - National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Portrait of Pepys -
Portrait of Pepys -

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Henry B. Wheatley
  • Pepys’s Early Life and Marriage
  • Pepys on the Naseby
  • His Service in the Navy Office
  • His Blindness and the Closing of the Diary
  • Pepys and the Popish Plot
  • His Later Years
  • Character and Charm of the Diary

  • Miscellaneous
    Interview with Claire Tomalin about the importance of Pepys - Penguin
    Samuel Pepys Home Page - Duncan Grey
    The Diary of Samuel Pepys - Phil Gyford
    Pepys Library - Magdalen College, Cambridge

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