Selected Works of James Thomson

Poetical Works

A Poem Sacred to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton  (1727)

Complete - Google Books

Britannia: A Poem  (1729)

Complete - Google Books

The Seasons  (1730)

[The previously published Winter (1726); Summer (1727);
Spring (1728); and the previously unpublished Autumn]

Complete 1744 - Google Books
Winter - Renascence Editions

Liberty: A Poem  (1735-6)

I. Ancient and Modern Italy compared  (1735) - GB
II. Greece  (1735) - GB
III. Rome  (1735) - GB
IV. Britain  (1736) - GB
V. The Prospect  (1736) - GB

A Poem to the Memory of Lord Talbot, late Chancellor of Great Britain  (1737)

Complete - Google Books

The Castle of Indolence: An Alleogrical Poem,
written in Imitation of Spenser

Complete - Google Books

Dramatic Works

Agamemnon: A Tragedy  (1738)

Complete - Google Books

Alfred: A Masque  (1740)

Partial and Imperfect copy - GB
Songs from Alfred - GB

Tancred and Sigismunda: A Tragedy  (1745)

Partial and Imperfect copy - GB
[ Prologue ]
[ Epilogue ]

Coriolanus: A Tragedy  (1749)
Partial and Imperfect copy - GB

Prose Works

Preface to the 1738 edition of Milton's Areopagitica

Complete - Google Books

Collected Works

The Poetical Works of James Thomson (1854), N. Harris Nicolas, ed.

Vol I - GB

The works of mr. James Thomson P. Murdoch, ed. (1802)

Vol III - GB

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