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Seventeenth Century

Eighteenth Century



Wife-beating.  from Le Roman de la Rose
from Le Roman de la Rose.



Tell Me, Wight in the Broom

"Say me, wight in the broom,
What is me for to doon?
Ich have the werste bonde
That is in any londe."

"If thy bonde is ille,
Hold thy tonge stille.




Dancing, from Ms P.A. 57, Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon.
Dancing, from Ms P.A. 57,Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon.


I Am of Ireland

Ich am of Irlonde,
And of the holy londe
Of Irlonde.
Goode sire, praye ich thee,
For of sainte charitee,
Com and dance with me
In Irlonde.

sake of

Giotto di Bondone. Crucifixion
Giotto di Bondone. Crucifixion.

Sunset on Calvary

Now gooth sunne under wode:
Me reweth, Marye, thy faire rode.
Now gooth sunne under tree:
Me reweth, Marye, thy sone and thee.

woods and wooden Cross
I pity/face

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