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Renaissance Essays: King Henry VIII

These essays are not intended to replace library research. They are here to show you what others think about a given subject, and to perhaps spark an interest or an idea in you. To take one of these essays, copy it, and to pass it off as your own is known as plagiarism—academic dishonesty which will result (in every university I've heard tell of) in suspension or dismissal from the university. Not only are your professors as technology-savvy as you are, they will not tolerate theft of another's intellectual efforts.

Henry VIII =Student Essay
Henry VIII's Lyrics from British Library Add MS 31 - Ray Siemens
Henry VIII and the Poetry of Politics - Ray Siemens
Henry VIII as Writer and Lyricist - Ray Siemens
From 'Defender of the Faith' to 'Suppressor of the Pope': Visualizing the Relationship
           of Henry VIII to the Medici Popes Leo X and Clement VII - Sheryl E. Reiss
Second Thoughts? The Strange Case of Henry VIII and the Refounded Monasteries - Eliot Wilson
Tales of Patient Griselda and Henry VIII - Ursula Potter
'The whole stature of a goodly man and a large horse': Memory, Masculinity and the
           Military Status of Henry VIII - Emma V. Levitt
Dissertation: The True Nobility of Self - Fashioning in the 16th Century; Embodied by King Henry VIII
           and Henry Howard Earl of Surrey - Simeï Iréne Snyman
Dissertation: Imagining Henry VIII: Cultural Memory and the Tudor King, 1535-1625 - Mark Rankin
Thesis: The Thundering Throne: Personality, Poetics, and Gender in the Court
           of King Henry VIII - Rebecca M. Moore
Thesis: Crafting the Royal Image: Censorship and Portrayals of the Tudor Dynasty
           Under Henry VIII - Eva Kratochvil
Thesis: England's Armor: Henry VIII's Armor and His Wars - James Nobukichi Ito
Thesis: Henry VIII. und der Beginn der Anglikanischen Kirche - Hildergard Wagner
Thesis: The Plan for Reformation: Henry VIII and the Dissolution of the Monasteries - Angela L. Ash [.pdf]
Thesis: The English Lyrics of the Henry VIII Manuscript - Raymond G. Siemens [.pdf]
Thesis: Henry VIII: Supremacy, Religion, And The Anabaptists (.PDF) - Joel M. Gillespie
Revisiting the Text of the Henry VIII Manuscript (BL Add Ms 31,922) - Ray Siemens
Hunting, Hawking and the Early Tudor Gentleman - James Williams
Good friends and brothers? Francis I and Henry VIII - Glenn Richardson
The Religious Policy of King Henry VIII - Jeff Hobbs
Henry VIII and his Church - Richard Rex
Henry VIII's Early Foreign Policy, 1509-29 - Jed Ross
Marrying for Love: The Experience of Edward IV and Henry VIII - Eric Ives
Frontiers and Power in the Early Tudor State - Steven Ellis
Henry VIII and the Invention of the Royal Court - Greg Walker
Henry VIII and the Pilgrimage of Grace (1537) - Hugh Loughran
Tudor Succession Problems - Sarah Vallieres
The King and the Clergy: Henry VIII, Pope Clement VII, and the Divorce heard 'round the World - J. Butler
Henry VIII: Power Politics and the Dissolution of the Monasteries - Karen Garvin
Was Henry VIII a Tyrant? - Ali Fleih

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The Tudors

The Parents of Henry VIII
King Henry VII
Elizabeth of York

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Queen Catherine of Aragon
Queen Anne Boleyn
Queen Jane Seymour
Queen Anne of Cleves
Queen Catherine Howard
Queen Katherine Parr

The Children of Henry VIII
Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond
King Edward VI
Queen Mary I
Queen Elizabeth I

The King's Advisors
Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
Thomas Cromwell
Sir Thomas More

European Monarchs
Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland
James IV, King of Scotland
James V, King of Scotland
Mary of Guise, Queen of Scotland

Mary Tudor, Queen of France
Louis XII, King of France
Francis I, King of France

Ferdinand II, King of Aragon
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Pope Julius II
Pope Leo X
Pope Clement VII
Pope Paul III

English Nobility
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
Edward Stafford, D. of Buckingham
Thomas Howard, 3rd D. of Norfolk
John Dudley, D. of Northumberland
Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire
George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford
John Russell, Earl of Bedford
Thomas, Lord Audley
Richard de la Pole
Thomas Seymour, Lord Admiral
Edward Seymour, Protector Somerset

Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio
Cardinal Reginald Pole
Bishop Stephen Gardiner
Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London
Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London
John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester
John Aylmer, Bishop of London
John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester
Archbishop William Warham
Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester
Edward Fox, Bishop of Hereford
William Tyndale
Hugh Latimer
William Grocyn
Thomas Linacre

Historical Events
The Battle of the Spurs, 1513
Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1520
Dissolution of Monasteries, 1536-40
Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536
The Siege of Boulogne, 1544
The Sweating Sickness

Tudor Legal System
Common Law
Court of Common Pleas
Court of King's Bench
Court of Star Chamber
Council of the North
Oath of Supremacy
The Act of Supremacy, 1534
The Act of Succession, 1534
The Ten Articles, 1536
The Six Articles, 1539

Royal Residences
Greenwich Palace
Hatfield House
Richmond Palace
Windsor Palace

Tudor Literature
See section
16th-century Renaissance English Literature

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