The Works of Sir Francis Bacon

Essayes (1597)
Introduction - Harold V. Routh
Complete - Renascence Editions
Complete - University of Adelaide
Sermones Fideles (1638) - The Philological Museum

The Elements of the Common Law of England  (1597)
(aka Maxims of the Law)

Complete - Google Books
Complete - Constitution Society

A Declaration of the Practises & Treasons Attempted and
Committed by
Robert, late Earl of Essex and his Complices  (1601)

Complete - Google Books

Sir Francis Bacon His Apology, in Certain Imputations
Concerning the Late
Earl of Essex  (1604)

Complete - Paul DuPuy

Certain Considerations Touching the Better Pacification
and Edification of the
Church of England  (1604)

Complete - Google Books

Valerius Terminus of the Interpretation of Nature  (wr.1604)
Complete - University of Adelaide
Complete - Google Books

The Proficience and Advancement of Learning (1605)
Complete - Renascence Editions
Complete - University of Adelaide
[Excerpt from Book 1] - John F. Tinkler
[Excerpt from Bk 2, ch 1, on Poesy] - Shake-n-Bacon
[Excerpt from Bk 2, ch 13, on History, Poesy, Philosophy] - Shake-n-Bacon
[Excerpt from Bk 6, ch 1, on Cyphers] - Shake-n-Bacon
[Excerpt from Bk 6, ch 4, on Transmission] - Shake-n-Bacon
[Excerpt on Empirism] - Herman Asarnow
[Excerpt on Progress] - Herman Asarnow

De sapientia veterum liber  (1609)
Complete - Google Books

The Charge of Sir Francis Bacon, Knight,
the King's Attorney-General, Touching Duels  (1614)

Complete - Google Books

The Wisdom of the Ancients  (1619)
Complete - Google Books
[Preface] - Paul DuPuy
[Orpheus; or, Philosophy] - Paul DuPuy

Novum Organum  (1620)
Complete English Text - Constitution Society
Complete Latin Text - GMU
[Preface to Novum Organum] - Shake-n-Bacon
[Book I, Aphorisms 1-68] - Shake-n-Bacon

The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh  (1622)
Complete - Google Books
Historia Regni Henrici Septimi (1638) - The Philological Museum

Apophthegms, New and Old  (1625)
Complete - Google Books

The Translation of Certain Psalms  (1625)
Complete - Google Books

The New Atlantis  (wr.1624,pub. 1626)
Complete - University of Adelaide
Complete - Constitution Society

Sylva Sylvarum  (1627)
Complete - Google Books
[Excerpt: Sulphur and Mercury] - The Alchemy Web Site
[Excerpt: The Making of Gold] - The Alchemy Web Site

Scripta in naturali et universali philosophia  (pub. 1653)
Complete - Google Books

Works Attributed to Bacon:
Gesta Grayorum  (1599) - Shake-n-Bacon

Letter of Francis Bacon from the Tower of London to King James I - Luminarium
The Great Instauration (1620) - Constitution Society
Preparative toward a Natural and Experimental History (1620) - Constitution Soc.
The Life of Man
Help Lord and Sing a New Song


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