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Herbert Image Gallery
Portrait of Herbert [29k]
Portrait of Herbert [21k]
Manuscript image of "The Elixir" [48k]
Manuscript image of some poems in Latin [43k]
Manuscript image of "Easter Wings" [40k]
Another image of "Easter Wings" [42k]
Another image of "Easter Wings" [32k]
Title page of "Principis Caroli" [45k]
Title page of "Country Parson" [38k]
Title page of "The Temple" [49k]

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Caroline Divines: George Herbert - Rev. W. H. Hutton
A Priest to the Temple - Rev. W. H. Hutton
George Herbert’s personality and divided aims reflected in his poems - Rev. F. E. Hutchinson
His constructive ability - Rev. F. E. Hutchinson
The Metaphysical Fashion - Rev. F. E. Hutchinson
Crashaw’s relation to Herbert - Rev. F. E. Hutchinson
Vaughan's debt to Herbert, spritual and literary - Rev. F. E. Hutchinson

Religious Metaphysical Poetry - Ian Mackean
Notes on Herbert's The Temple - Prof. Arnie Sanders
SAC LitWeb Herbert Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey
Choral and Vocal sheet music of Herbert's poems - Selah Publishing Co.
George Herbert & The Temple - J. R. Arner
Frank's Creative Quotations from George Herbert

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