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*Biography - The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia
*Biography - Microsoft Encarta
*Biography - Hertford College, Oxford
*Biography - Biographical Dictionary of English Literature
*Biography - Peter Landry
*Biography - Economics New School
*Biography - Garth Kemerling
*Biography - Dr. Jonathan Plucker
*Biography - Bill Uzgalis
*Biography - Robert Sarkissian
*Aubrey's A Brief Life of Thomas Hobbes - University of Melbourne
*Clarendon's A Survey of Mr Hobbes His Leviathan - McMaster University

*Frontispiece to Leviathan, color
*Title-page to Philosophical Rudiments, 1651 - University of Sydney
*Title-page to Decameron physiologicum, 1678 - University of Sydney
*Frontispiece to Leviathan, 1651 - University of Sydney
*Frontispiece to Leviathan
*Another of the same
*Portrait -

*Bibliography - McMaster University

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Hobbes and Contemporary Philosophy - W. R. Sorley
  •   Logical writings
  •   Religious philosophy
  •   Robert Greville, lord Brooke
  •   Culverwel
  •   The Casuists
  •   Selden
  •   Thomas Hobbes; His life and character
  •   Fundamental conception, system of philosophy and controversies
  •   Literary style and method of work
  •   Leviathan
  •   Theory of human nature and of sovereignty
  •   Imaginary commonwealths: More’s Utopia and Harrington’s Oceana
  •   Filmer
  •   The critics of Hobbes
  •   Joseph Glanvill
  •   Richard Cumberland

    Jacobean and Caroline Criticism. The aesthetics of Hobbes. - J. E. Spingarn
    Proposed supersession of Oxford and Cambridge under the Commonwealth - J. W. Adamson

    Hobbes for the Polyglot
    *Le Léviathan, métaphore de la société - Gallica (BNF)
    *Biographie en français - Encyclopédie Microsoft Encarta
    *Biographie en français - PhiloNet
    *Page Hobbes en français - Marcel Stoessel
    *Introduzione a Thomas Hobbes in italiano - Piero Carelli
    *Leviathan – filosofian hauskimpia suurklassikoita (Finnish) - Tuomo Aho
    *Biography in Estonian - University of Tartu
    *Notes on Hobbes in Brazilian Portuguese - June Müller

    *Squashed Hobbes and Leviathan - Glyn Hughes
    *Hobbes Quotes - The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
    *Lectures on Hobbes - Steven Darwall
    *Notes on Leviathan - Prof. Arnie Sanders
    *Notes on Hobbes - Tom Nickles
    *Social Contract Theory in Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau - Tom Nickles
    *Hobbes, Filmer and Locke - Andrew Roberts
    *SAC LitWeb Hobbes Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey
    *The Educational Theory of Thomas Hobbes - Amy Kauffman
    *The New Intellectual Order: Man, Nature and Society - Steven Kreis

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