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Portrait of James I by Decritz - National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Grave of King James I
A contemporary engraving of King James
Engraving by Simon Van De Passe
Webster's verses on an engraving of King James and his family
Portrait by Paul van Somer
Simon van de Passe, James I (1625-30)
James' Triumphal Arches
Another Portrait by Paul van Somer

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

King James’s Daemonologie - Harold V. Routh
King James at Oxford - F. S. Boas
King James at Cambridge - F. S. Boas

Letter to King James VI of Scotland from Elizabeth I, 1587
Francis Bacon's letter to King James from the Tower of London
King James VI & I Page
On James I - Jane Austen
The Reign of James I - Michael Best
Witches and King James - Michael Best
Queen James and His Courtiers - Rictor Norton

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