The Works of James I

The Essays of a Prentise, on the Divine Art of Poesie (1585)
Complete - Google Books
Sonnet 1 - Luminarium

His Majesties Poetical Exercises at Vacant Hours (1591)
Sonnet - Luminarium

Daemonologie (1597)
Complete - Internet Sacred Text Archive
Book 1 - Luminarium

The True Law of Free Monarchies
Complete - Rick Gardiner
Excerpt - Norton Topics Online

Basilikon Doron (1599)
Complete - Ben R. Schneider, Jr.
Complete - Robert G. Marks

A Counterblaste to Tobacco (1604)
Complete - Renascence Editions
Complete - CUWS

Apology for the Oath of Allegiance (1607)
Complete - Google Books

Translations of the Psalms of King David - Google Books
The King's Majesty's Declaration to his Subjects Concerning Lawful Sports - Norton
Excerpt from Anglicanism, 1616 - Modern History Sourcebook
Speech before Parliament (1609)
Sonnets by James VI - University of Glasgow
A Proclamation for the Authorizing and
       Uniformity of the Book of Common Prayer - Society of Archbishop Justus

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