Begging Another,
On Colour of Mending the Former

by Ben Jonson

  For Love's sake, kiss me once again,
  I long, and should not beg in vain,
      Here's none to spy or see ;
          Why do you doubt or stay?
      I'll taste as lightly as the bee,
That doth but touch his flower, and flies away.

  Once more, and, faith, I will be gone,
  Can he that loves ask less than one ?
      Nay, you may err in this,
          And all your bounty wrong :
      This could be called but half a kiss,
What we're but once to do, we should do long.

  I will but mend the last, and tell
  Where, how it would have relished well ;
      Join lip to lip, and try :
          Each suck the other's breath,
      And whilst our tongues perplexed lie,
Let who will think us dead, or wish our death.

Jonson, Ben. The Works of Ben Jonson, vol. 3.
London: Chatto & Windus, 1910. 282.

Venus and Adonis, 1620-78. Jacob Jordaens.
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