The Works of Ben Jonson



From 'Epigrams'

I:  To The Reader
II:  To My Book
III:  To My Bookseller
IV:  To King James
V:  On the Union
VI:  To Alchemists
VII:  On the New Hot-House
VIII:  On a Robbery
IX:  To All, To Whom I Write
X:   To My Lord Ignorant
XI:   On Something That Walks Somewhere
XII:   On Lieutenant Shift
XIII:  To Doctor Empiric
XIV:  To William Camden
XV:  On Court-Worm
XVI:  To Brainhardy
XVII:  To the Learned Critic
XVIII:  To My Mere English Censurer
XIX:   On Sir Cod the Perfumed
XX:   To the Same. [Sir Cod the Perfumed]
XXI:  On Reformed Gam'ster
XXII:  On My First Daughter
XXIII:  To John Donne
XXIV:  To the Parliament
XXV:   On Sir Voluptuous Beast
XXVI:   On the Same
XXVII:   On Sir John Roe
XXVIII:   On Don Surly
XXIX:   To Sir Annual Tilter
XXX:   To Person Guilty
XXXI:   On Banks the Usurer
XXXII:   On Sir John Roe (II)
XXXIII:   To the Same
XXXIV:   Of Death
XXXV:   To King James (II)
XXXVI:   To the Ghost of Martial
XXXVII:   On Cheveril the Lawyer
XXXVIII:   On Person Guilty
XXXIX:   On Old Colt
XL:  On Margaret Ratcliffe
XLI:  On Gipsy
XLII:  On Giles and Joan
XLIII:   To Robert Earl of Salisbury
XLIV:  On Chuffe, Banks the Usurer's Kinsman
XLV:  On my First Son
XLVI:  To Sir Luckless Woo-All
XLVII:  To the Same
XLVIII:  On Mungril Esquire
XLIX:  To Playwright
L:  To Sir Cod
LI:  To King James
LII:  To Censorious Courtling
LIII:  To Oldend Gatherer
LIV:  On Cheveril
LV:   To Francis Beaumont
LVI:  On Poet-Ape
LVII:  On Bawds and Usurers
LVIII:  To Groom Idiot
LIX:  On Spies
LX:  To William Lord Mounteagle
LXI:  To Fool, or Knave
LXII:  To Fine Lady Would-Be
LXIII:  To Robert Earl of Salisbury
LXIV:  To the Same. Upon the Accession of the Treasurership to him. [Robt E. Salisbury]
LXV:  To my Muse
LXVI:  To Sir Henry Cary
LXVII:  To Thomas Earl of Suffolk
LXVIII:  On Playwright
LXIX:  To Pertinax Cob
LXX:  To William Roe
LXXI:  On Court Parrot
LXXII:  To Courtling
LXXIII:  To Fine Grand
LXXIV:  To Thomas Lord Chancellor
LXXV:  On Lippe the Teacher
LXXVI:  To Lucy Countess of Bedford
LXXVII:  To One that Desired Me Not to Name Him
LXXVIII:  To Hornet
LXXIX:  To Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
LXXX:  Of Life and Death

LXXXVI:  To the Same. [H. Goodyere]
LXXXIX:  To Edward Allen (Alleyne)
XCIV:  To Lucy, Countess of Bedford, with John Donne's Satires
CI:  Inviting a Friend to Supper
CV:  To Mary Lady Wroth
CXX:  An Epitaph on S [alathiel] P [avy]
CXXIV:  Epitaph on Elizabeth, L.H.
CXXVIII:  To William Roe

From 'The Forest'
Complete - Luminarium Editions

I:     Why I Write Not Of Love
II:    To Penshurst
III:   To Sir Robert Wroth
IV:   To the World: A Farewell for a Gentlewoman, Virtuous and Noble
V:    Song To Celia ("Come my Celia, let us prove")
VI:   To the Same ("Kiss me, Sweet")
VII:  Song. That Women Are But Men's Shadows
VIII: Song. To Sickness
IX:    To Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes")
X:     Præludium ("And must I sing?")
XI:    Epode ("Not to know vice at all")
XII:   Epistle to Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland
XIII:  Epistle to Katherine, Lady Aubigny
XIV: Ode to Sir William Sidney, on His Birthday
XV:  To Heaven


From 'Underwood'

Poems of Devotion
2.  An Hymn to God the Father
3. An Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior

A Celebration of Charis in Ten Lyric Pieces
I:      His Excuse for Loving Audio
II:     How he saw Her
III:    What he Suffered
IV:    Her Triumph
V:     His Discourse with Cupid
VI:    Claiming a Second Kiss by Desert
VII:   Begging Another
VIII: Urging her of a Promise
IX:    Her Man described by her own Dictamen
X:     Another Lady's Exception, present at the Hearing

Miscellaneous Poems
1.  The Musical Strife. A Pastoral Dialogue
2.  A Song [Oh, do not wanton with those eyes]
3.  In the Person of Womankind. A Song Apologetic.
5.  A Nymph's Passion
6.  The Hour-Glass
7.  My Picture Left in Scotland Audio
8.  Against Jealousy
9.  The Dream
10. An Epitaph on Master Vincent Corbet
11. On the Portrait of Shakspeare
12. To the Memory of My Beloved the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare
14. To Mr. John Fletcher, Upon His "Faithful Shepherdess"
15. Epitaph on the Countess of Pembroke
17. Epitaph on Michael Drayton
19. To His Much and Worthily Esteemed Friend, the Author
20. To My Worthy and Honored Friend, Master George Chapman
23. Epigram. In Authorem. [re: Nicholas Breton]
25. To the Author [re: Thomas Wright]
26. To the Author [re: T. Warre]
36. An Elegy [By those bright eyes]
39. An Elegy [Though beauty be the mark of praise]
41. An Ode to Himself [Where dost Thou careless lie]
42. The Mind of the Frontispiece to a Book
44. An Ode [High-spirited friend]
46. A Sonnet, to the Noble Lady, the Lady Mary Worth [I that have been a lover]
47. A Fit of Rhyme against Rhyme
57. An Elegy [To make the doubt clear]
59. An Elegy [Since you must go]
60. An Elegy [Let me be what I am]
68. An Epigram, to the Honored Countess of * * *
69. On Lord Bacon's Birthday
77. An Epitaph on Henry Lord La-ware
87. A Pindaric Ode [To the Immortal Memory and Friendship of that Noble Pair....]
92. To the Right Honorable Hierome, Lord Weston
93. Epithalamion ; Or, A Song
100. An Elegy on the Lady Jane Pawlet, Marchioness of Winton

From Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies  (1623)
To the Memory of My Beloved the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare

Ode to Himself upon the Censure of his "New Inn"



"This is Mab, the mistress-fairy"  (The Particular Entertainment of the Queen and Prince at Althrope) 
"Of Pan we sing"  (Pan's Anniversary)
"Slow, slow, fresh fount" (Cynthia's Revels)
"Oh, that joy so soon should waste" (Cynthia's Revels)
"Queen, and huntress, chaste and fair" (Cynthia's Revels)
"If I freely may discover" (The Poetaster)
"Swell me a bowl" (The Poetaster)
"Still to Be Neat" (Epicoene, or the Silent Woman)

"Though I Am Young and Cannot Tell" (The Sad Shepherd)
"The faery beam upon you" (The Gypsies Metamorphosed)
"To the old, long life and treasure" (The Gypsies Metamorphosed)
"So breaks the sun earth's rugged chains" (The Irish Masque)

Plays and Masques

The Alchemist - Project Gutenberg
Bartholomew Fair - UMichigan
The Case is Altered - Holloway Pages
Catiline - Holloway Pages
Cynthia's Revels - Project Gutenberg
The Devil is an Ass - Holloway Pages
Eastward Ho - Holloway Pages
Epicoene - Project Gutenberg
Every Man in His Humour - Project Gutenberg
Every Man Out of His Humor - Luminarium Editions
The Magnetic Lady - Holloway Pages
Mortimer his Fall (Fragment) - Holloway Pages
New Inn - Holloway Pages
The Poetaster - Project Gutenberg
The Sad Shepherd, or a Tale of Robin Hood - Univ. of Rochester
Sejanus - Project Gutenberg
The Staple of News - Holloway Pages
A Tale of a Tub - Holloway Pages
Volpone, or The Fox - Project Gutenberg
Volpone, or The Fox - Full Manuscript Image Facsimile at SCETI

A Challenge at Tilt - Holloway Pages
The Fortunate Isles, and Their Union - GB
The Golden Age Restored  (1616) - Luminarium Editions
Gypsies Metamorphosed - Google Books
The Irish Masque - Holloway Pages
Love Freed from Ignorance and Folly - Holloway Pages
Love Restored (1612) - Luminarium Editions
Masque of Augurs - Google Books
The Masque of  Hymen (aka Hymenæ)  (1606) - Luminarium Editions
The Masque of Owls - Google Books
Masque of Queens (1609) - Holloway Pages
Mercury Vindicated from the Alchemists  (1615) - Luminarium Editions
Neptune's Triumph for the Return of Albion - Google Books
News from the New World - Dartmouth
Oberon, the Fairy Prince  (1611) - Luminarium Editions
The Queen's Masques
    The Masque of Blackness  (1605) - Luminarium Editions
    The Masque of Beauty  (1608) - Renascence Editions
Pan's Anniversary - Google Books
Prince Henry's Barriers - Holloway Pages
Time Vindicated to Himself & To His Honours - Google Books


Timber: Or, Discoveries - Project Gutenberg
Timber: Or Discoveries
Excerpt from Timber: Or Discoveries
Another Excerpt from Timber: Or Discoveries [Bacon]
Another Excerpt from Timber: Or Discoveries [Bacon 2]
Another Excerpt from Timber: Or Discoveries [Shakespeare]

Two Jonson Poems in Russian

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