Ben Jonson



Urging her of a Promise

Charis one day in discourse
Had of Love and of his force,
Lightly promised she would tell
What a man she could love well :
And that promise set on fire
All that heard her, with desire.
With the rest, I long expected
When the work would be effected ;
But we find that cold delay,
And excuse spun every day,
As, until she tell her one,
We all fear she loveth none.
Therefore, Charis, you must do't,
For I will so urge you to't,
You shall neither eat nor sleep,
No, nor forth your window peep,
With your emissary eye,
To fetch in the forms go by,
And pronounce, which band or lace
Better fits him than his face :
Nay, I will not let you sit
'Fore your idol glass a whit,
To say over every purl
There ;  or to reform a curl ;
Or with Secretary Sis
To consult, if fucus this
Be as good as was the last :—
All your sweet of life is past,
Make accompt, unless you can,
(And that quickly) speak your Man.

The Songs and Poems of Ben Jonson.
London: Philip Allan & Co., 1924. 30-31.

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