To Thomas Lord Chancellor
by Ben Jonson

WHIL'ST thy weigh'd judgements, EGERTON, I heare,
    And know thee, then, a judge, not of one yeare ;
Whil'st I behold thee live with purest hands ;
    That no affection in thy voice commands ;
That still th'art present to the better cause ;
    And no lesse wise, than skilfull in the lawes ;
Whil'st thou art certaine to thy words, once gone,
    As is thy conscience, which is alwayes one :
The Virgin, long since fled from earth, I see,
    T' our times return'd, hath made her heaven in thee.

  Sir Thomas Egerton
Sir Thomas Egerton

The Oxford Book of Seventeenth Century Verse.
H. J. C. Grierson and G. Bullough, eds.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1934. 151.

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