by Ben Jonson

Wretched and foolish Jealousy,
How cam'st thou thus to enter me ?
      I ne'er was of thy kind :
   Nor have I yet the narrow mind
         To vent that poor desire,
That others should not warm them at my fire :
         I wish the sun should shine
On all men's fruit, and flowers, as well as mine.

But under the disguise of love,
Thou say'st, thou only cam'st to prove
         What my affections were.
   Think'st thou that love is help'd by fear ?
         Go, get thee quickly forth,
Love's sickness, and his noted want of worth.
         Seek doubting men to please ;
I ne'er will owe my health to a disease.

The Songs and Poems of Ben Jonson.
London: Philip Allan & Co., 1924. 44.

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