Ben Jonson

  E  P  I  G  R  A  M  S .


Upon the happy false rumor of his death, the two
and twentieth day of March, 1606.

That we thy loss might know, and thou our love,
   Great heaven did well to give ill fame free wing ;
Which though it did but panic terror prove,
   And far beneath least pause of such a king ;
Yet give thy jealous subjects leave to doubt,
   Who this thy scape from rumor gratulate,
No less than if from peril ;  and devout,
   Do beg thy care unto thy after-state.
For we, that have our eyes still in our ears,
   Look not upon thy dangers, but our fears.


King James I
King James I

Jonson, Ben.  The Works of Ben Jonson.
Boston: Phillips, Sampson, and Co., 1853. 789.

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