Ben Jonson

  U  N  D  E  R  W  O  O  D  S .



In picture, they which truly understand,
    Require (besides the likeness of the thing)
    Light posture, heightening, shadow, coloring,
All which are parts commend the cunning hand ;
And all your book, when it is throughly scann'd,
    Will well confess ;  presenting, limiting
    Each subtlest passion, with her source, and spring,
So bold, as shews your art you can command.
But now your work is done, if they that view
    The several figures, languish in suspense,
To judge which passion's false, and which is true,
    Between the doubtful sway of reason and sense ;
Tis not your fault if they shall sense prefer,
Being told their Reason cannot, Sense may err.

   3  This sonnet stands before a poem, by Thomas Wright,
called  “ The  Passions of  the  Mind  in general, 1604, and
1620” 4to.


Jonson, Ben.  The Works of Ben Jonson.
Boston: Phillips, Sampson, and Co., 1853. 817-818.

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