Sir John Suckling

THERE never yet was woman made,
                Nor shall, but to be curst ;
And O, that I, fond I, should first,
                Of any lover,
This truth at my own charge to other fools discover !

You, that have promisíd to yourselves
                Propriety in love,
Know womenís hearts like straw do move,
                And what we call
Their sympathy, is but love to jet in general.

All mankind are alike to them ;
                And, though we iron find
That never with a loadstone joiníd,
                íTis not the ironís fault,
It is because near the loadstone it was never brought.

If where a gentle bee hath fallín,
                And laboured to his power,
A new succeeds not to that flower,
                But passes by,
íTis to be thought, the gallant elsewhere loads his thigh.

For still the flowers ready stand :
                One buzzes round about,
One lights, one tastes, gets in, gets out ;
                All all ways use them,
Till all their sweets are gone, and all again refuse them.

Suckling, John. The Works of Sir John Suckling. A. Hamilton Thompson, ed.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1910. 18-19.

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