The Works of Sir John Suckling

Fragmenta Aurea.

Poems, &c.
Loving and Beloved
Sonnet I
Sonnet II
Sonnet III
Against Fruition (I)
[There never yet was woman made]
Song. ["I prithee spare me, gentle boy"]
[Love, Reason, Hate, did once bespeak]
Upon My Lady Carlisle's Walking in Hampton Court Garden
Against Absence
A Supplement of an Imperfect Copy of Verses of Mr. William Shakespeare's, by the Author
A Ballad Upon A Wedding
[My dearest rival]

The Last Remains
The Invocation
[A Poem with the Answer] "Out Upon It !  I Have Loved"
Love Turned to Hatred
Song. ["I prithee send me back my heart"]
Song. ["If you refuse me once and think again"]
Lutea Allison
Song. ["When, dearest, I but think of thee"]

Song. ["Why so pale and wan, fond lover?"]
Song. [No, no, fair heretic]

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