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Lydgate at the Shrine of Edmund. Manuscript illumination, c1461-75

Selected Works of John Lydgate

The Floure of Curtesye (c.1401)

[The Flower of Courtesy]

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - TEAMS

The Troy Book (written c.1412-1420; pub. 1513)

[aka The Siege of Troy]

*Complete 1906 Bergen ed. - UVA
*1906 Bergen ed. Vol I - Internet Archive
*1906 Bergen ed. Vol II - Internet Archive
*Selections - TEAMS

The Lyf of our Lady (written c.1420-22?; pub. 1484)

[The Life of our Lady (Stella Maris)]
(ed. Lauritis, 1961)

*Complete - UVA
*[O thoughtful hearté, plunged in distress]

The Siege of Thebes (written c. 1421-22; pub. 1495)

[aka The Story of Thebes]

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - UVA

*Introduction - TEAMS
*Prologue - TEAMS
*Prologue - Harvard

*Prima Pars - TEAMS
*Secunda Pars - TEAMS
*Tercia Pars - TEAMS

Saint Austin at Compton (c. 1420-40)

*Introduction - TEAMS
*Complete - TEAMS
*Complete - Google Books

The Life of Saint Margaret
(written c. 1426? MS. 8 Henry VI; 1430)

*Complete - TEAMS

The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man (1426)

[by John Lydgate, A.D. 1426, from the French
of Guillaume de Deguileville;
edited by F.J. Furnivall (1899-1904). 3 vols.]

*Complete 1904 Furnivall/Locock ed. - Google Books
*Complete 1904 Furnivall/Locock ed. - UVA

*Part I - Internet Archive
*Part II - Internet Archive
*Part III - Internet Archive

Stans puer ad mensam (pub. 1476)

*Introduction - TEAMS
*Complete 2008 Shuffelton ed. - TEAMS

The Fall of Princes (wr. 1431-1438; pub. 1527)

[Here begynneth the boke of Johan Bochas, discryuing
the falls of princes, princesses and other nobles, translated
into Englysshe by John Lydgate monke of Bury begynnyng
at Adam and Eve and endyng with King Johan of Fraunce
taken prisoner at Poyters by prince Edwarde

*Complete - UVA

*[All Stands in Change Like a Midsummer Rose]
*[Bk 1: Canace Condemned to death, to her brother]
*[Bk 1: Of mighty Sampson] - Harvard
*[Bk 7: Description of the Golden Age]
*[Transcription of an Episode] - UVictoria
*[Dance Macabre from the Ellesmere MS.] - Martin Hagstrøm

The Lives of Saints Edmund and Fremund (c.1433)

*Complete - The Canon of John Lydgate Project

On the Prospect of Peace (1443-4)

[Harleian MS. 2255]
*Complete - Google Books

Verses on Queen Margaret's Entry into London (1445)

*Complete - UVA

The Chorle and the Birde (pub. 1477)

[The Churl and the Bird]

*Complete - Google Books

The Temple of Glas [Glass] (pub. 1477)

*Complete Facsimile of the 1477 Caxton ed. - Google Books
*Complete 1891 Schick ed. - Google Books
*Complete 1891 Schick ed. - UVA

The Horse, the Goose, and the Sheep (pub. 1499)

*Complete Facsimile - Google Books

Here begynnys the mayng or disport of Chaucer (pub. 1508)

[aka The Complaint of the Black Knight;
or, The Complaint of a Lover's Life

*Complete Facsimile + Transcript - National Library of Scotland
*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - TEAMS

London Lickpenny

[aka London Lackpenny;
British Library MS Harley 542 fols. 102r-104r]

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - TEAMS

The Pain and Sorrow of Evil Marriage (pub. 1530)

[The payne and sorowe of evyll maryage.
Translation of De conjuge non ducenda]

*Complete - TEAMS

Dietary: or Rules for Health

*Complete - TEAMS
*[Excerpts] - Google Books

Lydgate's Verses on the Kings of England

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - British History Online

Venus-Mass (c. 1450)

[Bodleian MS. Fairfax 16]

*Complete - Google Books

Merita Missæ

[Cotton MS. Titus, A. xxvi, fol. 154. (c. 1470)]

*Complete - Google Books

Vertue of the Masse (pub. 1520)

[Harleian MS. 2254]

*[Entryng the chirche]
*[Be ware ye pristis]
*[The offeratory next comyng]
*[The sanctus sunge thries]

Virtutes Missarum

[Harleian MS. 3954. fol. 76, col. 2.]

*[Excerpt] - Google Books

Testament of John Lydgate (pub. 1520)

[Here begynneth the testament of John Lydgate monke
of Berry: which he made hymselfe, by his lyfe dayes

*Complete - Google Books

*[Lyk a Lambe Offryd in Sacrifice]

Secrets of Old Philosophers
(unfinished at Lydgate's death, completed by Burgh)

[aka Secrees of Old Philisoffres: A Version of the 'Secreta Secretorum']
[Sloan MS. 2464]

*Complete 1894 Steele ed. - Google Books
*Complete 1894 Steele ed. - UVA
*[2nd Epistle of Alexander to Aristotle] - Harvard

Life of St. Alban and St. Amphibal (pub. 1534)

[Here begynnethe the glorious lyfe and passion of seint
Albon prothomartyr of Englande, and also the lyfe and
passion of saint Amphabel; which converted saint Albon
to the fayth of Christe
(Carl Horstmann, ed. 1882)

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - UVA

The Serpent of Division (London, 1559)
[aka Damage and Destruction in Realms]
(Henry MacCracken, ed. 1911)

*[L'Envoy] - UVA

Lydgate's Mummings

A Mumming at Eltham
[MS. Trin. Coll. Camb., R. 3. 20]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

Lydgate's Disguising at Hertford Castle
[aka A Mumming at Hertford]
[MS. Trinity Coll., Camb., R. 3. 20]
(written c.1427; ed. Humphrey Milford, 1934)

*Complete - UVA
*Complete - Project Gutenberg

A Mumming at London
[MS. Trin. Coll. Camb., R. 3. 20]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

The Mumming At Bishopswood
[MS. Bodl. Ashmole 59, ff. 6264]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

A Mumming at Windsor (c.1424)
[MS. Trin. Coll. Camb., R. 3. 20]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

A Mumming For The Mercers of London
[MS. Trin. Coll. Camb., R. 3. 20]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

A Mumming For The Goldsmiths of London
[MS. Trin. Coll. Camb., R. 3. 20]
(ed. Humphrey Milford, Oxford 1934)

*Complete - UVA

Lydgate's Minor Poems

A Selection from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lydgate

(J. O. Halliwell-Phillips, ed. 1840)

*Complete - Google Books

The Two Nightingale Poems (1446)

(Otto Glauning, ed. 1900)

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - UVA
*Complete - Internet Archive

A Balade in Commendation of our Lady

*Complete - Google Books

To my Soverain Lady

*Complete - Google Books

Epithalamium for Gloucester

*Complete - Harvard

Ballad of Good Counsel

*Complete - Google Books

Beware of Doubleness

*Complete - Google Books

A Goodly Balade

*Complete - Google Books

Go Forth, King

*Complete - Google Books

Reason and Sensuality
[Reson and sensuallyte]
(ed. from Bodleian MS. Fairfax 16 and BL Add. MS. 29, 729
by Ernst Sieper; 2 vols; London, 1901-03)

*Complete - Google Books

A Ditty of Women's Horns

*[Horns Away!]

King Henry VI's Triumphal Entry into London (1432)
(ed. Humphrey Milford, 1934)
*[Ordenaunces ffor the Kyng] - UVA

The Greatful Dead
*Complete - Google Books

Anonymous Works Attributed to Lydgate

The Assembly of Gods (pub. 1498)

[aka, The Accord of Reason and Sensuality in the Fear of Death;
the interpretacon of the names of goddis and goddesses]

*Introduction - TEAMS
*Complete 1999 Chance ed. - TEAMS
*Complete 1896 Triggs ed. - Google Books
*Complete 1896 Triggs ed. - UVA
*Complete - Project Gutenberg

Beware (The Blynde Eteth Many a Flye) (pub. 1561)

[aka A Balade : Warning Men to Beware of Deceitful Women]

*Complete - Google Books
*Complete - TEAMS

Prohemy of a Mariage Betwixt an Olde Man and a Yonge Wife,
and the Counsail
(written c. 1430)

*Complete - TEAMS

The Siege of Harfleur and the Battle of Agincourt (1415)

*Complete - Google Books

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