Botticelli. Primavera. 1478.
Botticelli. Primavera. 1478. The Uffizi, Florence.

Description of a Maske
in honour of Lord Hayes

by Thomas Campion.

Song. Now hath Flora rob'd her bowers
To befrend this place with flowers :
       Strowe aboute, strowe aboute.
The Skye rayn'd neuer kindlyer Showers.
Flowers with Bridalls well agree,
Fresh as Brides, and Bridgromes be :
       Strowe aboute, strowe aboute ;
And mixe them with fit melodie.
       Earth hath no Princelier flowers
Then Roses white, and Roses red,
But they must still be mingled :
And as a Rose new pluckt from
Venus thorne,
So doth a Bride her Bride-groomes bed adorne.

Diuers diuers Flowers affect
For some priuate deare respect :
       Strowe about, strow about,
Let euery one his owne protect ;
But hees none of
Floras friend
That will not the Rose commend.
       Strow about, strow about ;
Let Princes Princely flowers defend :
       Roses, the Gardens pride,
Are flowers for loue and flowers for Kinges,
In courts desir'd and Weddings :
And as a Rose in
Venus bosome worne,
So doth a Bridegroome his Brides bed adorne.

Campion, Thomas. Campion's Works. Percival Vivian, Ed.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1909. 65.

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