Two Bookes of Ayres:
The Second Booke

by Thomas Campion.

Where shall I refuge seeke, if you refuse mee ?
In you my hope, in you my fortune lyes,
In you my life, though you vniust accuse me,
My seruice scorn, and merit vnderprise :
      O bitter griefe, that exile is become
      Reward for faith, and pittie deafe and dumbe.

Why should my firmnesse finde a seate so wau'ring ?
My simple vowes, my loue you entertain'd ;
Without desert the same againe disfau'ring ;
Yet I my word and passion hold vnstain'd.                         10
      Oh wretched me, that my chiefe ioy should breede
      My onely griefe and kindnesse pitty neede !

Campion, Thomas. Campion's Works. Percival Vivian, Ed.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1909. 145.

Where shall I refuge seek" by Campion, Thomas.
Sequenced by Harald Lillmeyer. Used with permission.

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