Two Bookes of Ayres:
The First Booke

by Thomas Campion.

    Sing a song of ioy
        Prayse our God with mirth :
His flocke who can destroy?
Is hee not Lord of heau'n and earth?

    Sing wee then secure,
        Tuning well our strings :
With voyce, as Eccho pure,
Let vs renowne the King of Kings.

    First who taught the day
        From the East to rise?                                                10
Whom doth the Sunne obey
When in the Seas his glory dyes?

    Hee the Starres directs
        That in order stand :
Who heau'n and earth protects
But hee that fram'd them with his hand?

    Angels round attend,
        Wayting on his will ;
Arm'd millions hee doth send
To ayde the good or plague the ill.                                   20

    All that dread his Name,
        And his Hests obserue,
His arme will shield from shame :
Their steps from truth shall neuer swerue.

    Let us then reioyce,
        Sounding loud his prayse :
So will hee heare our voyce
And blesse on earth our peacefull dayes.

Campion, Thomas. Campion's Works. Percival Vivian, Ed.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1909. 124-125.

"Sing a Song of Joy" by Campion, Thomas.
MIDI sequenced by Harald Lillmeyer. Used with permission.

Vocal clip from the album
Music, Ever Divine

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