Two Bookes of Ayres:
The First Booke

by Thomas Campion.

    Tune thy Musicke to thy hart,
Sing thy ioy with thankes, and so thy sorrow :
    Though Devotion needes not Art,
Sometimes of the poore the rich may borrow.

    Striue not yet for curious wayes :
Concord pleaseth more, the lesse 'tis strained ;
    Zeale affects not outward prayse,
Onely striues to show a loue vnfained.

    Loue can wondrous things affect,
Sweetest Sacrifice, all wrath appeasing ;                      10
    Loue the highest doth respect ;
Loue alone to him is euer pleasing.

Text source:
Campion, Thomas. Campion's Works. Percival Vivian, ed.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1909. 121.

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Titian. Saint Catharine of Alexandria at Prayer. Detail. 1567-68.
 Saint Catharine of Alexandria at Prayer, Detail.
Titian. 1567-68.
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