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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Samuel Butler - William Francis Smith
  1. Ancient and Modern Satire
  2. Influence of Le Roman de la Rose, The Ship of Fools, Erasmus and Rabelais
  3. Butler’s Life before and after the Restoration
  4. Butler in the Employ of Sir Samuel Luke and the Earl of Carbery
  5. Penury of his Later Days
  6. His Learning in Letters and Law
  7. Imitations of his Prose and Verse: The Posthumous Works
  8. Contents of The Genuine Remains: Characters
  9. Hudibras and its Models
  10. Course of Part I
  11. Course of Part II
  12. Difference of Treatment in Part III
  13. The Methods in the Composition of the Work
  14. Metre of Hudibras
  15. Main Purpose of the Satire
  16. Butler’s Gifts and Powers


Notes on Hudibras - Joe Wortham
Hudibras explained
- Joe Wortham
Butler at SACLitWeb - Roger Blackwell Bailey
Short Annotated Bibliography - UWisconsin-Madison

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