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John Skelton =Student Essay

Pium Vestrum Catullum Britannum: The Influence of Catullus' Poetry on John Skelton - Juan Castro Carracedo
"To lerne you to dye when ye wyll": John Skelton and the Ars Moriendi Tradition - Juan Castro Carracedo
"Measure is Treasure": Financial and Political Prudence in John Skelton's Magnificence - Tai-Won Kim
Constructing the Sexual Subject of John Skelton - A. W. Barnes
Devils and Vices in English Non-cycle Plays: Sacrament and Social Body - John D. Cox
What's in a Name? The Transmission of "John Skelton, Laureate" in Manuscript and Print - Jane Griffiths
[Early Tudor Poetry: John Skelton] - John M. Berdan
Reality -- Mirror -- Allegory: John Skelton - Anna Torti
Conception, flies, and heresy in Skelton's 'Replycacion' - Victor I. Scherb
Skelton's 'Speke Parott': Language, Madness and the Role of the Court Poet - Simon Brittan
Who is Colin Clout? - Jim Nielson
Skelton and Barclay, Medieval and Modern - David R. CarlsonEMLS
The Allegorical Content in John Skelton's 'Bowge of Court' - Alice Fink

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