The Works of Thomas Middleton

Most of these plays by Middleton are on the Internet solely 

through the generosity and painstaking labor of Chris Cleary, 

to whom the author of this site owes a great debt of gratitude.

Sole Authorship

minionBlurt, Master Constable (1602)
minionThe Phoenix (1603-04)
minionA Trick to Catch the Old One (c.1605)
minionThe Puritan (1606)
minionYour Five Gallants (1607)
minionThe Second Maiden's Tragedy (1611)
minionNo Wit, No Help like a Woman's (1611)
minionA Chaste Maid in Cheapside (1611)
minionThe Witch (c.1613)
minionHengist, King of Kent (1619-1620)
minionThe Sun in Aries: A Pageant (1621) - Google Books


With Thomas Dekker
minionThe Honest Whore, Part I (1604)
minionThe Roaring Girl (1610)
minionThe Family of Love (1603-1607)

With William Rowley
minionA Fair Quarrel (1615-17)
minionThe Old Law (1618) (& Massinger)
minionThe Changeling (1622)

With John Webster
minionAnything for a Quiet Life (c.1621)

Questionable Attribution

minionThe Bloody Banquet (?1600-02) [Dekker]
minionThe Revenger's Tragedy (1607) [Cyril Tourneur]
minionA Yorkshire Tragedy (1608) [Shakespeare]
minionThe Nice Valour (1615-16) [Beaumont & Fletcher folio]

"Love for Such a Cherry Lip"  (from Blurt, Master Constable)

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