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Biography - Hutchinson Encyclopaedia
Biography - InfoPlease/Columbia Encyclopedia
Biography - Bedford/St. Martin's
Biography -
Biography -

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

John Bunyan. Andrew Marvell - Rev. John Brown, D.D. Political and Ecclesiastical Satire. Denham and Marvell. - C. W. Previté-Orton
Prose Satires: The Rehearsal Transpros’d - C. W. Previté-Orton

Marvell Portrait - National Portrait Gallery
Title-page of Marvell's Miscellaneous Poems, 1681 - University of Sydney
Marvell Portrait (color) - Schoolnet
Marvell Miniature - Sheffield Hallam University
Engraving of Marvell - Hutchinson Encyclopedia
Engraving of Marvell - Tutt Library, Colorado College
Manuscript letter to Edward Thompson - Tutt Library, Colorado College
Manuscript Envelope to Edward Thompson - Tutt Library, Colorado College
Portrait - National Portrait Gallery
Portrait - SAC LitWeb
Marvell's Memorial -

Andrew Marvell Society
Lecture on Marvell's "Upon Appleton House - Ian MacKillop
Videotaped Poetry Reading "To his Coy Mistress" - Favorite Poem Project
Notes on Marvell by the Critics - Prof. M. Adams
Notes on Marvell's "To his Coy Mistress" - Prof. Bruce Magee
Notes on Marvell's "The Garden" - Prof. Bruce Magee
Notes on Marvell's "The Garden" - Prof. Clare Kinney
Notes on Marvell and His Poetry - Prof. Jennifer Mooney
Notes on various Marvell Poems - Prof. Arnie Sanders
SAC LitWeb Andrew Marvell Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey
Creative Quotations for Marvell - Baertracks
TPCN Quotes from Andrew Marvell
You, Andrew Marvell by Archibald MacLeish
To His Coy Mistress in Dutch - Peter J. Large

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