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I62I Born at Winestead-in-Holderness, Yorkshire, March 3I to the Rev. Andrew Marvell and his wife, Anne.

I624 Marvells move to Hull, where Rev. Andrew Marvell becomes lecturer in Holy Trinity Church.

I633 Marvell matriculates at Trinity College, Cambridge.

I637 Greek and Latin poems on Charles I and Queen Mary published.

I638 Marvell becomes a scholar of Trinity.

I640 Father dies. Marvell leaves Cambridge.

I640-42 Possible clerkship in trading-house of brother-in-law, Edmund Popple.

I642-46? Travel abroad as tutor. (Dates uncertain.)

I648-49 Poems on Villiers (authorship questionable), Lovelace, Hastings.

I650 "An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland."

I650-53 Tutors Mary, daughter of the Lord General Fairfax, at Appleton House, Yorkshire.

I653 Milton's letter to Bradshaw, recommending Marvell for a government position, February 2I. No appointment forthcoming, Marvell becomes tutor to Cromwell's ward, William Dutton. Lives at Eton. "The Character of Holland."

I653-54 Latin Poems on Queen Christina of Sweden, Dr. Ingelo.

I655 "The First Anniversary of the Government Under His Highness The Lord Protector."

I656 Marvell and Dutton at Saumur, France.

I657 Marvell becomes Latin Secretary under Secretary of State Thurloe.

I658 "A Poem upon the Death of His late Highnesse the Lord Protector."

I659-78 Marvell serves as M. P. for Hull.

I660 Intervenes in Commons to save Milton.

I663-65 Accompanies Earl of Carlisle as secretary on embassy to Russia, Sweden, and Denmark.

I665 England provokes war with Holland. "The Second Advice to a Painter."

I666 "The Third Advice to a Painter."
"Clarendon's Housewarming."

I667 "The Last Instructions to a Painter." Downfall of Clarendon. War ends.

I670 "On Blood's Stealing the Crown."

I672 The Declaration of Indulgence. The Rehearsal Transpos'd.

I672-74 War with France as ally against Holland. Marvell as "Mr. Thomas" active in Dutch-based anti-French, anti-Catholic fifth column.

I674 Second edition of Paradise Lost, prefaced by Marvell's poem.

I676 Mr. Smirke: or the Divine in Mode.

I677 The Growth of Popery and Arbitrary Government.

I678 Marvell elected younger warden of Trinity House, London. Dies August I8.

I68I Miscellaneous Poems published by "Mary Marvell."

Source: Marvell, Andrew. Complete Poetry. George deF. Lord, Ed.,
London: J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1984. xxxix.

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