The Works of Richard Crashaw

Steps to the Temple (1646)

*The Weeper
*The Weeper


    *On the Water of our Lord's Baptism
    *On the Baptized Ethiopian
    *On the Miracle of multiplied Loaves
    *On the Sepulchre of our Lord
    *The Widow's Mites
    *On the Prodigal
    *On the still surviving Marks of our Saviour's Wounds
    *Two went up into the Temple to pray
    *To our Lord, upon the Water made Wine
    *But Men loved Darkness rather than Light
    *Samson to his Delilah
*A Hymn of the Nativity, sung by the Shepherds
*On Mr. G. Herbert's Book
*A Hymn to the Name and Honour of the Admirable Saint Teresa

The Delights of the Muses
*Music's Duel
*An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife
*Upon Ford's Two Tragedies
*On Marriage
*Wishes to his supposed Mistress

Carmen Deo Nostro (1652)
*The Flaming Heart Upon the Book and Picture of Saint Teresa
*Christ Crucified


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