Mermaid Tavern

    A modern illustration of an Elizabethan Inn
Mermaid Tavern was located in Cheapside, to the east of St. Paul's Cathedral. It had entrances from both Friday Street and Bread Street. The tavern's sign, not surprisingly, bore a mermaid. Mermaid Tavern was the meeting place of the “Friday Street Club”, also known as the “Mermaid Club”, a literary club first begun in 1603 by Sir Walter Ralegh. Mermaid Tavern was a favorite haunt of Ben Jonson, Beaumont and Fletcher, John Donne, Robert Herrick, John Selden, and last, but not least, William Shakespeare.

The Mermaid Tavern, which burned down in the Great Fire of London, was memorialized in verse by Jonson in “Inviting a Friend to Supper”, by Beaumont in “Mr. Francis Beaumont's Letter to Ben Jonson, and, two hundred years later, by Keats in “Lines on the Mermaid Tavern.”

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