The Works of John Donne

Songs and Sonnets

Complete - Luminarium Editions

The FleaAudio
The Good-MorrowAudio
Song : Go and catch a falling starAudio
Woman's ConstancyAudio
The UndertakingAudio
The Sun RisingAudio
The IndifferentAudio
Love's UsuryAudio
The CanonizationAudio
The Triple FoolAudio
Lovers' InfinitenessAudio
Song : Sweetest love, I do not goAudio
The LegacyAudio
A FeverAudio
Air and AngelsAudio
Break of DayAudio
[Another of the same] [Break of Day]Audio
The AnniversaryAudio
A Valediction of my Name, in the WindowAudio
Twickenham GardenAudio
Valediction to his BookAudio
Love's GrowthAudio
Love's ExchangeAudio
Confined LoveAudio
The DreamAudio
A Valediction of Weeping
Love's AlchemyAudio
The Curse
The Message
A Nocturnal upon Saint Lucy's DayAudio
Witchcraft by a Picture
The Bait
The Apparition
The Broken Heart
A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
The Ecstacy
Love's Deity
Love's Diet
The Will
The Funeral
The Blossom
The Primrose
The Relic
The Damp
The Dissolution
A Jet Ring Sent
Negative Love
The Prohibition
The Expiration
The ComputationAudio
The Paradox
Song: Soul's joy, now I am gone
Farewell to Love
A Lecture Upon the Shadow
A Dialogue Between Sir Henry Wotton and Mr. Donne
The TokenAudio

Epithalamions, or Marriage Songs

On the Lady Elizabeth, and Count Palatine Being Married on St. Valentine's Day
Eclogue : at the Marriage of the Earl of Somerset
Epithalamion Made at Lincoln's Inn


Complete - Luminarium Editions

Elegy I: Jealousy
Elegy II: The Anagram
Elegy III: Change
Elegy IV: The Perfume
Elegy V: His Picture
Elegy VI
Elegy VII
Elegy VIII: The Comparison
Elegy IX: The Autumnal
Elegy X: The Dream
Elegy XI: The Bracelet
Elegy XII
Elegy XIII: His Parting From Her [aka Elegy XII]
Elegy XIV: Julia [aka Elegy XIII]
Elegy XV: A Tale of a Citizen And His Wife [aka Elegy XIV]
Elegy XVI: The Expostulation [aka Elegy XV]
Elegy XVII: On His Mistress [aka Elegy XVI]
Elegy XVIII [aka Elegy XVII]
Elegy XIX [aka Elegy XVIII]
Elegy XX: To His Mistress Going to Bed [aka Elegy XIX]

Divine Poems

To The E[arl] of D[oncaster] : With Six Holy Sonnets

La Corona
1. "Deign at my hands..."
2. Annunciation
3. Nativity
4. Temple
5. Crucifying
6. Resurrection
7. Ascension

To The Lady Magdalen Herbert, of St. Mary Magdalen

Holy Sonnets
Holy Sonnet I: Thou hast made me, and shall Thy work decay?
Holy Sonnet II: As due by many titles I resign
Holy Sonnet III: O! might those sighs and tears return again
Holy Sonnet IV: O, my black soul, now thou art summoned
Holy Sonnet V: I am a little world made cunningly
Holy Sonnet VI: This is my play's last scene
Holy Sonnet VII: At the round earth's imagined corners blow
Holy Sonnet VIII: If faithful souls be alike glorified
Holy Sonnet IX: If poisonous minerals, and if that tree
Holy Sonnet X: Death, be not proudAudio
Holy Sonnet XI: Spit in my face, you Jews, and pierce my side
Holy Sonnet XII: Why are we by all creatures waited on?
Holy Sonnet XIII: What if this present were the world's last night?
Holy Sonnet XIV: Batter my heart, three-person'd GodAudio

Holy Sonnet XV: Wilt thou love God as he thee?
Holy Sonnet XVI: Father, part of His double interest
Holy Sonnet XVII: Since she whom I loved hath paid her last debt
Holy Sonnet XVIII: Show me, dear Christ, thy spouse so bright and clear
Holy Sonnet XIX

The Cross
Resurrection, Imperfect
The Annunciation and Passion
Good-Friday, 1613, Riding Westward
A Litany
Upon the Translation of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke
To Mr. Tilman After He Had Taken Orders
A Hymn to Christ at the Author's Last Going into Germany
The Lamentations of Jeremy
Hymn to God, My God, In My Sickness
A Hymn to God the Father
To George Herbert, Sent Him with one of my Seals of the Anchor and Christ
A Sheaf of Snakes, Used Heretofore to be My Seal
Translated out of Gazæus

Letters to Several Personages

To Mr. Christopher Brooke : The Storm
To Mr. Christopher Brooke : The Calm
To Sir Henry Wotton (I)
To Sir Henry Goodyere
To Mr. Rowland Woodward
To Sir Henry Wotton (II)
To the Countess of Bedford (I)
To the Countess of Bedford (III)
To Mr. T. W.
To Mr. S. B. [Samuel Brooke]
To Mr. I. L.
To M[r]. I. P.
To Sir Henry Wotton at his going Ambassador to Venice

Epicedes and Obsequies

On Himself


Complete - Luminarium Editions

Hero and Leander
Pyramus and Thisbe
A Burnt Ship
Fall of a Wall
A Lame Beggar
A Self-Accuser
A Licentious Person
An Obscure Writer
Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus


Complete - John Fowler

Satire I
Satire II
Satire IIIAudio
Satire IV
Satire V

Infinitati Sacrum

Complete - Luminarium Editions

The Progress of the Soul


A Funeral Elegy
The First Anniversary. An Anatomy of the World.
The Second Anniversary. Of the Progress of the Soul

Latin Poems and Translations

Complete - GLR

De Libro Cum Mutuaretur Impresso . . .
Amicissimo. Et Meritissimo Ben. Jonson
To George Herbert, Sent Him with one of my Seals of the Anchor and Christ
Translated out of Gazæus

Juvenilia: Or Certain Paradoxes and Problems

Complete - Luminarium Editions / Renascence Editions

Ignatius His Conclave (1611)


Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions (1624)

Complete Facsimile of first Edition - Google Books
Complete - CCEL

Meditation I: Insultus Morbi Primus; The first alteration, The first grudging of the sicknesse.
Meditation II: Actio Laesa. The strength, and the function of the Senses, and other faculties change and faile.
Meditation III: Decubitus sequitur tandem. The Patient takes his bed.
Meditation IV: Medicusque vocatur. The Physician is sent for.
Meditation V: Solus adest. The Physician comes.
Meditation VI: Metuit. The Physician is afraid.
Meditation VII: Socios sibi jungier instat. The Physician desires to have....
Meditation VIII: Et Rexi ipse suum mittit. The King sends his own Physician.
Meditation IX: Medicamina scribunt. Upon their Consultation, they prescribe.
Meditation X: Lenté et Serpenti.... They find the Disease....
Meditation XI: Nobilibusque trahunt.... They use Cordials....
Meditation XII: Spirante Columbâ.... They apply Pigeons....
Meditation XIII: Ingeniumque malum.... The Sickness declares....
Meditation XIV: Idque notant Criticis.... The Physicians observe...
Meditation XV: Intereà insomnes... I sleep not day nor night.
Meditation XVI: Et properare meum clamant.... From the Bells of the Church adjoining....
Meditation XVII: Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, Morieris. Now, this Bell tolling softly.... (No Man is an Island.... For whom the bell tolls)
Meditation XVIII: At inde Mortuus es.... The Bell rings out....
Meditation XIX: Oceano tandem emenso.... At last, the Physicians....
Meditation XX: Id agunt. Upon these Indications....
Meditation XXI: Atque annuit Ille.... God prospers their practise....
Meditation XXII: Sit morbi fomes tibi cura; The Physicians consider....
Meditation XXIII: Metusque, relabi. They warn me....


John Donne Sermon Database - BYU
A Large Selection of Donne's Sermons - Father Lance McAdam
Death's Duel - CCEL
Six Sermons 4: Preached to the Nobility - E. Knuth
Sermon XXVII: Sermon Preached to the Lords upon Easter-Day [March 28, 1619]
Twenty-Six Sermons 25: Preached at the Spital, April 22, 1622 - CCEL
Twenty-Six Sermons 25: Preached at the Spital, April 22, 1622 - E. Knuth
Excerpt from Sermon XV

Other Works
Complete Electronic Image files of Donne's Poems (1633) - SCETI / Upenn

Holy Sonnet X: "Death Be not Proud" in Finnish Translation - Anniina Jokinen, tr.
Song: "Go and Catch a Falling Star" in Finnish Translation - Anniina Jokinen, tr.
Elegy XX: "To his Mistress Going to Bed" in Finnish Translation - Anniina Jokinen, tr.
Holy Sonnet I in Finnish Translation - Matti Nevalainen, tr.
"The Sun Rising" in Finnish Translation - Aale Tynni, tr.
"The Good Morrow" in Finnish Translation - Aila Meriluoto, tr.
"The Sun Rising" and "Song: Go and catch a falling star" in French Translation - Gilles de Seze, tr.
"The Ecstacy" in French Translation - Gilles de Seze, tr.
Donne Poetry in Russian - Elena and Yacov Feldman, trs.
Seek True Religion!
Meditation XVII [No Man is an Island.... For whom the bell tolls...]


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