Selected Works of Henry Vaughan


  Silex Scintillans.
The Author's Preface to the Following Hymns
Texts  [O Lord, the hope of Israel]
The Dedication
[Vain Wits and Eyes]

Silex I
Death. A Dialogue
The Shower (I)
The Pursuit
Mount of Olives (I)
The Incarnation, and Passion
The Call
[Thou That Know'st for Whom I Mourn]
Vanity of Spirit
The Retreat
[Come, Come ! What Do I Here?]
[Joy of my Life While Left me Here !]
The Storm
The Morning-Watch
“Silence and stealth of days !”
“And do they so ?”
The Relapse
Christ's Nativity
The World
The Shepherds

Silex II
“They are all gone into the world of light!”
The Star
The Bird
The Timber
The Daughter of Herodias
“As Time one day by me did pass”
The Dwelling-Place
The Night
The Waterfall

Poems with the Tenth Satire 

of Juvenal Englished (1646)
To Amoret. The Sigh.
To Amoret Gone From Him
Upon The Priory Grove, His Usual Retirement

Olor Iscanus (1651)
To His Retired Friend, an Invitation to Brecknock

Thalia Rediviva: The Pastimes and Diversions of a Country-Muse

    in Choice Poems on Several Occasions  (1678)
Etesia Absent

Pious Thoughts and Ejaculations
The Revival
The Nativity
The True Christmas

Henry Vaughan's Translation of On Contempt for the World by Eucherius of Lyons - CCEL

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