Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke


Sonnet LXXXVI          

Love is the Peace, whereto all thoughts doe strive,
Done and begun with all our powers in one:
The first and last in us that is alive,
End of the good, and therewith pleas'd alone.
Perfections spirit, Goddesse of the Minde,
Passed through hope, desire, griefe and feare,
A simple Goodnesse in the flesh refin'd,
Which of the joyes to come doth witnesse beare.
Constant, because it sees no cause to varie,
A Quintessence of Passions overthrowne,
Rais'd above all that change of objects carry,
A Nature by no other nature knowne:
For Glorie's of eternitie a frame,
That by all bodies else obscures her name. 

The Anchor Anthology of Sixteenth-Century Verse.
Richard S. Sylvester, ed.
Garden City: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1974.  590-591.

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