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"Life of John Lyly," from The Complete Works (1902) by R. Warwick Bond - Google Books
John Lyly (1905) by John Dover Wilson - Google Books

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Quotes from Lyly -
John Lyly Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey, Ph.D.

Facsimile of Autograph letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Feb .4, 1602-3   MS in Hatfield Library
Facsimile of Title-page of Euphues from the editio princeps, Dec.1578   in the British Museum
Title-page of Euphues
Title-page of Pappe with an hatchet
Title-page of Euphues and his England (1580)
Title-page of Campaspe (1584)
Title-page of Endimion (1591)
Title-page of Midas (1591)
Title-page of Entertainments (1591)
Title-page of Gallathea (1592)
Title-page of Mother Bombie (1594)
Title-page of The Woman in the Moone (1597)
Title-page of The Maydes Metamorphosis (1600)
Title-page of Loues Metamorphosis (1601)

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