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Renaissance Essays: Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder

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Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Struggle of the "Weried Mynde" - Susan E. Ashton
Renaissance Texts, Medieval Subjectivities: Vernacular Genealogies of English Petrarchism
        from Wyatt to Wroth - Danila A. Sokolov
Sons and Brothers: Literary Community in the English Poetic Tradition, c.1377-1547 - Elizabeth Evershed
Disparate Measures: Poetry, Form, and Value in Early Modern England - Michael B. Smith
The Invention of Rhythm: Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard - Darrell F. Smith
The Penitential Psalms in Sixteenth-century England: Bodies and Texts - Katherine C. Wyma
The Possibility of Form: A Study of the Prosody of Sir Thomas Wyatt - James D. Young
Of Man and the Wheel: Poetic Attitudes Towards Fortune in the Verse of Sir Thomas Wyatt - Stephen J. Curley
Embodied Mind & Sixteenth-Century Poetry: Wyatt, Vaughan Lock, & Shakespeare - Noël C. Radley
Making "English Eloquence": Tottel's Miscellany and the English Renaissance - Carol D. Blosser
The Influence of Petrarch upon the Elizabethan Sonnet - Mary Bowen
Petrarch in English - Mike Hodder
The Nature and Significance of Rhythm in the Poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt - R. Southall
Sir Thomas Wyatt: The Precursor of Renaissance Verse - John W. Kerr
The English Sonnet from Wyatt to Milton - Jeptha Riggs
Creativity With Purest Energy—How Sir Thomas Wyatt Introduced Modern English Poetics - Jeffery R. Moser
Sir Thomas Wyatt's Rondeaux: Early Modern Perception During and After the English Reformation - Anne B. Myer
Wyatt's "My Mother's Maids" and the Perils of Ignorance - Kevin M. Brock
These Bloody Days: Prison, Treason, and the Birth of Literary Witness
           in the Poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt - Brandy L. H. Harrison
'I know where is an hynde': Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Transformation of Actaeon - William Rossiter
Inscribed in Memory: The Prison Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt - Ruth Ahnert
The Conventions of Love, the Conventions of Poetry, and the Love Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt - A. D. Weiner
'Thus I restles rest in Spayne': Engaging Empire in the Poetry of Wyatt and Garcilaso de la Vega - Joel B. Davis
Composicion numerica en Petrarca, Boscan y Shakespeare. Nota sobre el caso
        de Sir Thomas Wyatt y Garcilaso de la Vega - Antonio Armisén
Finding his Feet: Wyatt and the Founding of English Pentameter - Peter Groves
Metrical Art of Thomas Wyatt's Sonnets - Jiancheng Wang & Jilian Niu
The Shipwrecked Soul in Elizabethan England: Crossing Motifs from Petrarch to Mary Wroth - Aurélie Griffin
Wyatt, Alamanni, and Literary Imitation - Donald L. Guss
Editing Wyatts: Reassessing the Textual State of Sir Thomas Wyatt's Poetry - Jason Powell
Thomas Wyatt and Francis Bryan: Plainness and Dissimulation - Jason Powell
Thomas Wyatt and the Emperor's Bad Latin - Jason Powell
Trials of Authorship: Wyatt's Craft - Jonathan Crewe
"Love That Doth Raine": Surrey's Creative Imitation - William O. Harris
The Interplay of Narrative and Lyric: Competition, Cooperation, and the Case
        of the Anticipatory Amalgam - Heather Dubrow
Misogyny and the Complete Gentleman in Early Elizabethan Printed Miscellanies - Elizabeth Heale
Thomas Wyatt and Henry Surrey: Dissonance and Harmony in Lyric Form - Alicia Ostriker
Are Wyatt's Poems in Egerton MS 2711 in Chronological Order? - Joost Daalder
Petrarchan Love and the English Sonnet - Norton Resource Library
Wyatt and Surrey and the New Poetry - Robert H. Fletcher
'Wyatt resteth here': Surrey's Republican Elegy - José María Pérez Fernández [.pdf]
Wyatt's Unstable Dream, According To The Place - Kimberly Laird
Breaking the Vacuum: Ricardian and Henrician Ovidianism - James Simpson
Politics and Print: The Curious Revisions to Tottel's Songes and Sonettes - Paul A. Marquis
Tottel's Miscellany and the English Reformation - Stephen Hamrick
Explication of Wyatt's "They Flee from Me" - John P. Levay
Explication of Wyatt's "Madame, Withouten Many Wordes" - Robert T. Levine
Explication of Wyatt's "Hevyn and erth and all that here me plain" - Barbara Obadashian
Country Mouse and Towny Mouse: Truth in Wyatt - Christopher Z. Hobson
English Court Poets and Petrarchism: Wyatt, Sidney and Spenser - Matthew Griffiths
Courtly Love as Camouflage in the Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt - Ingeborg Heine-Harabasz
Wyatt and the Obstacles to Happiness - Joost Daalder
Wyatt and Tottel: A Textual Comparison - Joost Daalder
Wyatt and 'Liberty' - Joost Daalder
Elizabethan Precursors of Donne's Divine Meditations - William L. Stull
The Hunter and the Hunted: Wyatt and Agency - Bethany Klassen
Wyatt's Pessimism - Kaisen Lin
Petrarch and Wyatt — A Change in Social Purpose - Dedré Engelbrecht
Found in Translation: Wyatt's Appropriation of the French Rondeau - Gayle Goh

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