by John Lyly

The third Song by Fayries


I Fairy.
2 Fairy.
3 Fairy.

4 Fairy.
PInch him, pinch him, blacke and blue,
Sawcie mortalls must not view
      What the Queene of Stars is doing,
      Nor pry into our Fairy woing.
              Pinch him blue.
              And pinch him blacke.
Sharpe nailes to pinch him blue and red,
Till sleepe has rock'd his addle head.
      For the trespasse hee hath done,
      Spots ore all his flesh shall runne.
      Kisse Endimion, kisse his eyes,
      Then to our Midnight Heidegyes.


Bond, R. Warwick, M.A. The Complete Works of John Lyly, Vol III.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1902, 1967 repr., p. 59

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