The Works of John Lyly
Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit  (1578)
Complete - Google Books
Introduction - Cambridge History, &c.
Excerpt. [To the Gentlemen Readers] - Jack Lynch
Excerpt. [Euphues Introduced]
Excerpt. [Euphues and his Ephoebus] - Google Books

Euphues and his England  (1580)
Complete - ElizabethanAuthors
Complete - Google Books
Excerpt. [Cassander's letter to Callimachus]

Complete - Google Books
Song. [O For a Bowle of fatt Canary]
Apelles' Song. [Cupid and my Campaspe played]
TRICO singeth. Song. [What Bird so sings, yet so dos wayle?]

Sappho and Phao (1584 ; acted 1582)
Complete - Google Books
Complete - Modern spelling -
Sappho's Song. [O Cruel Love, on thee I lay]
Vulcan's Song. [My shag-hair Cyclops, come, let's ply]

The Triumphs of Trophes (1586)
Complete - Google Books

Pappe with an Hatchet (1589)
Complete - Nina Green, ed.

A Whip for an Ape (1589), doubtful
Complete - Google Books

Mar-Martine (1589), some parts
Complete - Google Books

Endymion, the Man in the Moon (1591)
Complete - Google Books
Complete - Modern spelling -
Introduction - The University of Victoria
[The big speech on love] - The University of Victoria
[Courtly love parodied] - The University of Victoria
[The faithful lover] - The University of Victoria
The third Song by Fayries. [Pinch him, pinch him, black and blue]

Gallathea (1592)
Complete - Google Books

Midas (1592)
Complete - Google Books
A Song of Daphne to the Lute
Hymn to Apollo

Mother Bombie (1594)
Complete - Google Books

The Woman in the Moon (1597)
Complete - Google Books

The Maid's Metamorphosis (1600)
Complete - Google Books
Eurymine's Song

Love's Metamorphosis (1601)
Complete - Google Books
Excerpt. [Ceres questions Cupid about Love]

Lyly's Entertainments
Introduction by R. Warwick Bond - Google Books
At the Tilt-Yard, 1590
At the Earl of Cumberland's Shew, 1600
At the Tilt-Yard, 1600
On the Queen's Visit to Theobalds, 1591
At Cowdrey in Sussex, 1591
        A Dittie
At Elvetham in Hampshire, 1591
At Quarrendon, 1592
At Bisham, 1592
At Sudeley, 1592
At Rycote, 1592
At Harefield, 1602
The King of Denmark's Welcome, 1606 (Doubtful)

A Funeral Oration (1603)
Complete - Google Books

"Doubtful Poems," from R. Warwick Bond's The Complete Works (1902)

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